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KAROL MARCINKOWSKI MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF POZNAŃ? Interview with Prof.dr.hab. Grzegorz H. Bręborowicz, Rector of Karol Marcinkowski Medical Academy of Poznań
Profesor Bręborowicz, ever since 2002, as Rector of the Poznań Medical Academy you have relentlessly pursued its strategy. This could not have been an easy task these days?

It hasn't been. Nevertheless, I believe that no matter what the circumstances are, we should focus our efforts on streamlining teaching, fostering research and continuing investment. The key issue is to extend special care to clinics which are essential for the proper operation of a medical university and which face an uncertain future and immense threats amidst Poland's turbulent politics.
KÓRNIK - the History and the Present
Kórnik belongs to the most picturesque administrative districts in the entire Wielkopolska Region. The place is rich in history which is refleced in numerous monuments and historic buildings found there. These assets are the guarantee of great prospects and opportunities, since Kórnik is not only the most dynamically developing district, but also a most beautiful recrestional area and tourist destination. The variety of such attractions make Kórnik an attractive place for tourists regardless of the seasons. ...
The Academic Poznań
280 billboards encouraging young people to study in Poznań have been put up in towns and cities across Poland, including Gdańsk, Wrocław, Koszalin, Słupsk, Zielona Góra and Kraków. A billboard sporting the slogan "High School Matriculation? A breeze! Then come to Poznań to complete your education" , promotes the city in Phase 2 of the "Academic Poznań" program.
Poznań ranks as Poland's third largest city in terms of the number of institutions of higher education. Its 26 colleges and universities have a combined student population of nearly 127,000. Candidates in Poznań get to choose from among 119 majors.

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