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About Wielkopolska


The Wielkopolska Province is one of the largest regions in Poland. In the terms of area (29,826 sq. km) it is the second largest in the country, and the third most densely populated (3,355 thousand). Its area is comparable to an average sized European state (for example, Belgium), or a European region (for example, Brandenburg in Germany). Its population is bigger than that of Latvia and is not much smaller than the population of Ireland or Lithuania. Almost 58% of the Province's inhabitants live in cities and towns. Poznań, including its suburbs has a population of almost 700 thousand. The second largest urban area of Kalisz and Ostrów is located in the southern part of the region and has a population of nearly 200 thousand. Other major cities of the region include the following: Kalisz /160,7 thousand/, Konin /83,4 thousand/, Piła /76,6 thousand/, Ostrów Wielkopolski /74,8 thousand/, Gniezno /71,2 thousand/, Leszno /62,2 thousand/. This cities are very important centers of the social and economic life.

The Wielkopolska Province is conveniently situated at the junction of major European communication routes. It is at the crossroads of a major route from Berlin through Poznań, to Konin and Warsaw and on to Moscow, and from Prague through Leszno and Poznań to the Baltic Sea. Poznań Ławica airport operates both domestic and international flights. There are regular connections to London, Brussels in Belgium, Vienna in Austria, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt/Main in Germany and Copenhagen in Denmark.
Miscellaneous industry, agriculture, well developed services and a big infrastructure create a good conditions for further GrteatPoland's expansion.


Voivodship area: 29 826 km kw.
Urban commune number: 19
Urban/rural commune number: 89
Rural commune number: 118
City number: 108
Rural locations number: 5 527
Ludność (stan w dniu 31.12.1997r ): 3 355 332 ( w tym kobiety 1 723 526 )
Gęstość zaludnienia: 112 osób na 1 km kw.
Ludność zamieszkała w miastach: 57,6%
Przyrost naturalny ( na 1000 mieszkańców ): 1,5

Information connected thematically:
KÓRNIK - the History and the Present

Kórnik belongs to the most picturesque administrative districts in the entire Wielkopolska Region. The place is rich in history which is refleced in numerous monuments and historic buildings found there.

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KAROL MARCINKOWSKI MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF POZNAŃ? Interview with Prof.dr.hab. Grzegorz H. Bręborowicz, Rector of Karol Marcinkowski Medical Academy of Poznań

Profesor Bręborowicz, ever since 2002, as Rector of the Poznań Medical Academy you have relentlessly pursued its strategy. This could not have been an easy task these days? It hasn't been.

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The Academic Poznań

280 billboards encouraging young people to study in Poznań have been put up in towns and cities across Poland, including Gdańsk, Wrocław, Koszalin, Słupsk, Zielona Góra and Kraków. A billboard sporting the slogan "High School Matriculation? A breeze! Then come to Poznań to complete your education" , promotes the city in Phase 2 of the "Academic Poznań" program.

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