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GreatPoland's offer

Service GreatPoland (GreatPoland.eu) was established in 2000. It is service directed to the GreatPoland's occupants and GreatPoland's sympathizers.
The service is divided on several thematic sections:
  • GreatPoland's Website Catalogue
    - section grouping services from GreatPoland district - excellent source of business information
    Service in Polish Polish and English

  • Cultural Information Service What, Where, When?
    - publishing repertoire information from our district
    Service in Polish

  • Information Service
    - contains different informations which are thematically grouped and relevant with our region, interviews with creators of greatpoland's business, cultural articles. Publishing news from GreatPoland's on-line we cooperate with radio Merkury.
    Service in Polish and English

  • Territorial GreatPoland Service
    - it is a service about greatpoland's communes and districts. Service obtains information about county and commune offices and basic data about communes and counties.
    Service in Polish and English

  • GreatPoland's Moto Market
    - obtains moto offers mostly from GreatPoland's region.
    Service in Polish

  • GreatPoland's Job Market
    - service for employers and potential employees. Announcements are free of charge.
    Service in Polish and English (placing announcements)

  • GreatPoland's Touristic Service
    - service pemanently developed, contains a big agrotouristic and accomodation advertisements base in our region.Contains also photos and visitors opinions.
    Service in Polish and English

  • CyberBazaar Service
    - tiny announcement's market
    Service in Polish

  • Internet City Map
    - service exposing city maps: In this way they can display without problems also at old generation computers. Many of the internet services and institutions benefit from our maps.
From the last few years GreatPoland's Team has got a big experience in the internet firm's service. We have very interesting hosting offer, experienced webmasters. We can promote firms in the Internet and effectively positioning in Polish search engines.

We invite to cooperation
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